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The VSV-EBOPLUS collaborative research project on “Systems analysis of adult and pediatric responses to the VSV-ZEBOV Ebola vaccine” is aimed to decipher the immune and molecular signatures of adult and pediatric responses elicited by the rVSVrG-ZEBOV-GP vaccine, the only Ebola vaccine with demonstrated 100% protective efficacy in humans.

VSV-EBOPLUS will apply advanced cutting-edge technologies and systems vaccinology approaches to characterize the signatures of the responses to rVSVrG-ZEBOV-GP vaccination in clinical studies conducted in three different continents (Europe, Africa, US), in almost 1’000 adults, adolescents and children.

VSV-EBOPLUS is a public-private consortium of 11 partners from 8 different countries involving experts from academic and research institutions, clinical sites (Switzerland, Gabon, USA) and the rVSVrG-ZEBOV-GP vaccine manufacturer. The project, of the duration of 5 years, has a total budget of more than €15 million, and it is funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 (IMI 2) Joint Undertaking.

for more information visit the VSV-EBOPLUS website