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Advanced Immunization Technologies

Aditec is a collaborative research programme that aims to accelerate the development of novel and powerful immunisation technologies for the next generation of human vaccines. Funded from the European Union’s Seventh Programme, DG Health, scientists from 13 countries and 42 research partners from some of the most competitive European research groups from universities, research institutions and biotech companies together with top US groups on systems biology and adjuvants have come together to work on different aspects of vaccination, from basic research, new technologies to clinical trials and public health.

The main goal of the ADITEC project is to produce the necessary knowledge to develop new and powerful technologies for the next generation of vaccines. This requires an approach where diverse but complementary scientific disciplines and technologies meet.

The highly innovative project will lead to safer and more effective vaccines. We see a future where vaccines will be administered in novel manners without needles. The formulations will be optimized for different age groups because we know that new-borns sometimes need other vaccines than elderly. We will discover what the different needs are for men and women, how we can improve formulations for people with chronic diseases. All new insights and technologies will be shared with partners around the world so, in the future, we are better able to combat devastating diseases.

for more detailed information, please visit the ADITEC website