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Innovation Partnership for a European Roadmap

IPROVE aims to drive current EU research efforts towards the establishment of a clear vision of the priority innovations and technologies necessary to address infectious and non-infectious threats of importance not only to global public health, but also to today’s key EU health challenges (e.g. ageing population, healthcare-associated infections, high chronic disease incidence, low levels of prevention awareness, and suboptimal use of existing cost-effective vaccines across the lifespan). The roadmap will explore how the wealth of expertise available across academia, industry, SMEs, public health institutes, and regulatory bodies can be pooled and leveraged to overcome fragmentation and removal of bottlenecks to the timely translation of breakthrough research into innovative vaccines. The project will look at the entire innovation chain, from discovery to delivery, including interventions necessary to improve education curricula, perception and awareness.

The project ended in March 2016.

The “Innovation Partnership for a Roadmap on Vaccines in Europe” (IPROVE) Consortium – financed under the EU 7th Framework Programme (FP7) – on March 16th, 2016 launched a vision for vaccine research and innovation in Europe over the next 20 years.

The roadmap, which is the first of its kind, was launched during a special European Parliament event that took place on the 16th of March and was hosted by MEPs Francoise Grossetête, Cristian-Silviu Busoi and Markus Ferber. Key opinion leaders in the field of vaccine research and development attended the event including representatives from the European Commission, the European Parliament, European Union Member States and a broad representation of the vaccines community including academia, industry, civil society and regulatory bodies.

The IPROVE roadmap will inform strategic decisions on the priorities for future vaccine investment in innovation and technological development at European Union and individual Member State level. Through a bottom-up approach involving all key stakeholders in the European vaccine field, the strategy aims to overcome fragmentation and remove bottlenecks to translation of breakthrough research into innovative vaccines.

Following a two year consultation period, the plan covers the critical areas of intervention relevant to the entire innovation value chain, defines priorities and makes recommendations to support and accelerate research in vaccines, to help steer European competitiveness in this field for the delivery and benefit of innovative prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines.

The IPROVE roadmap focuses on seven main thematic topics of consultation;

  1. Vaccine R&D
  2. Therapeutic Vaccines
  3. Production and Manufacturing
  4. Infrastructures
  5. Vaccine SME needs
  6. Training
  7. Communications and Acceptance of Vaccination

Please see and download the roadmap at: