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The Mission of the Sclavo Vaccines Association

The Sclavo Vaccine Association (SVA) is a non-profit organization with the sole objective of social solidarity. Its central focus is scientific research geared towards the discovery of advanced technologies for the development of  new preventive and therapeutic vaccines needed in impoverished communities.

In addition to scientific study, the Association aims to create awareness among the public, national and international institutions of the usefulness of vaccination and the critical need to make vaccine technologies available in low income countries.

These goals will be achieved in part by the following types of activities:

  • accelerating the European Union’s efforts to develop safer and more effective innovative immunization technologies;
  • bringing together organizations in the sector and join forces with other European and global initiatives;
  • organizing and coordinating national and international scientific research and development projects involving private and public bodies;
  • training highly qualified personnel in the area of vaccine research and development;
  • organizing conventions, debates and events on scientific topics as well as public awareness campaigns on vaccination;
  • transfers of technology from public and private bodies to low income countries, with a view to the production of not-for-profit vaccines.