OPEN POSITION: Project Manager

The SVA is searching for a Project Manager who will be working on the management of European research projects manged by the organization.

Required profile:

  • Academic degree in the biomedical field and minimum 3 years of working experience
  • Background in clinical/immunology/vaccine research
  • Experience in international research projects
  • Very good knowledge of English

Work Arrangement:

  • Expected start date: May 1st 2017
  • Full-time position, duration 12 months: possibility of renewal
  • Workplace: Siena, Italy

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The next ADITEC Annual Meeting will be held in Brussels in November 7 - 9, 2016.

This three day event will be attended by over one hundred participants from the 42 ADITEC partner institutions which includes some of the most competitive European research groups from universities, research institutions and biotech companies together with top US groups on systems biology and adjuvants. The meeting will focus on the year's project accomplishments and it is a great opportunity to fully see the global effort ADITEC is making.

Ebola Vaccine R&D

With an emphasis on systems analyses, the VSV-EBOVAC project harnesses state-of-theart technologies that illuminate mechanisms behind the observed immunogenicity and reactogenicity of the rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine and ensures that such information is shared among stakeholders.

 Read the full paper


Ebola vaccine has shown a 100% success rate

Researchers have announced that the rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine has shown 100 % effectiveness in a Phase III large-scale trial of over 7000 people in Guinea. Read the full paper


Boon or burden: what has  the EU ever done for science?

The article focuses on the way that the EU shapes the course of research and ADITEC is highlighted on its success of comparing different companies’ adjuvants due to a collaborative consortium across Europe and the US.

The European Union has dedicated more than €120 billion (almost 13%) of its 2014–20 budget to research and innovation (R&I). A host of other EU-funded programmes also support or are connected to R&I activities, but don’t define the amount of their investment.

ADITEC is highlighted  as a project has already produced the first direct comparison of different companies’ ‘adjuvants’, substances that strengthen immune responses. “We had always thought it would be impossible to compare them” says ADITEC coordinator Rino Rappuoli. Read more.

Multicriteria decision analysis and core values for enhancing vaccine-related decision-making

Vaccines have the potential to transformthe health of all individuals and to reduce the health inequality between rich and poor countries. However, to achieve these goals, it is no longer sufficient to prioritize vaccine development using cost-effectiveness as the sole indicator.
During a symposium entitled “Mission Grand Convergence—The Role of Vaccines,” held in Siena, Italy, in July 2015, key stakeholders agreed that the prioritization of vaccine development and deploymentmust use multicriteria decision-making based on the following core concepts: (i) mortality and severity of the disease, (ii) vaccine safety considerations, and (iii) economic evaluation that captures the full benefits of vaccination. Read more.

SVA on the Front Line of the rVSV-ZEBOV studies

Coordinated by the SVA, the VSV-EBOVAC project "Vaccine safety and immunogenicity signatures of human responses to rVSV-ZEBOV" brings together 12 leading international vaccine research institutes, both clinical and high tech, from 6 EU countries and USA, as well as two African clinical sites to acquire new and critical in-depth knowledge of innate and adaptive immune responses elicited in humans by rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine with special emphasis on transcriptomic and metabolomic signatures. 

SVA member key in Horizon 2020 Ebola vaccine effort

Professor Claire-Anne Siegrist from the University of Geneva in Switzerland, the principal investigator of the Geneva clinical trial, and Donata Medaglini the coordinator of the VSV-EBOVAC project, discuss the Ebola trail for the EU Research and Innovation's Horizon 2020 Magazine.  click here to read full article